Cody Dove is a sixteen-year veteran of Chicago’s famed theater The Second City. Using the underlying philosophies of improvisational comedy he has helped improve creativity and communication skills within such Fortune 500 companies as Keybank, Citigroup, and The Ford Motor Company. As a member of Actor’s Equity and the Screen Actor’s Guild he has been fortunate to perform all over the world.



The facilitator of this workshop, Jessica Wachs, is an experienced improviser, sketch comic and show host who founded the Albuquerque Open Improv, Commonwealth Improv Troupe, and Albuquerque’s only musical improv and sketch comedy company, Rumble Productions. In addition, she has facilitated personal development workshops since 2014 in LA. As a result, not only can she take participants on a journey through the heart of improv, but she brings a twist of self-actualization and emotional intelligence, creating a deeper meaning in each improv exercise that reveals much about individual’s relationship with themselves, their peers, and more.



Renato Estacio-Burdick is an expert in stage fright prevention and local business owner. Renato is the Artistic Director and Conductor for the Southwest Arts Group (SWAG) – a group that produces and educates audiences to enrich lives. As a member of SWAG, he is an active performer, choreographer and producer for all shows. Other musical experience includes having performed, stage managed or directed in 30+ unique shows (not including multiple nights of shows) to include musicals, operas, operettas, theater, in both the U.S. and abroad over the past 25 years. His academic background includes degrees in marketing (MBA-Honors) and vocal performance (BMus – Magna Cum Laude/MMus).




"If you're in an organization that's needing "Change" grab a cup-of-coffee with Jessica quick. We're a fast growing company (40%) working across healthcare, education, construction and DoD. At our Annual meeting, we needed something to help us all realize that 'ordinary' wasn't going to scale. We needed a kick in the pants. Jess and her team came in and gave us just what we needed when we needed it. Their brand of improv- 'Yes, And' + 'Make your Team look good' delivered in the workshops got everyone thinking outside the box.  REALLY outside.

- Pat McNamara, Business Consultant