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Want a taste of the talent Rumble is bringing to film? Check out this music video featuring Rumble Alum Vanessa Hesch’s original song, the voices, acting and filmmaking of Rumble’s talent, and the Albuquerque community!


Funny Nerdy Music Video- "NERDTASTIC!"- (Official Video)

Funny Nerdy Music Video- "NERDTASTIC!"- (Official Video)

About the video: Choosing positivity over sorrow, cancer fighter Vanessa Hesch wrote this original song and music video to shine a light on the hilarity, irony and beauty in life to uplift those going through difficult times and give a gift to her infant son that will leave him chuckling down the road. You can spot Vanessa with her husband, Gabe, and her son, Auggie, in the video in some special cameos! See if you can find them! Description: What happens when nerdy meets fantastic? See one special nerd's journey as she is unleashed unto the world, taking it by song in this original comedic music video! See her defy the odds and do the impossible such as... licking her elbow? "This was a project of love dedicated to my family and friends." -- Vanessa For News Interview: Credits: Special thanks to the Albuquerque arts community, Rumble Productions ( ( and 9 Point Productions for coming together to donate hours of time and effort to make this video possible! Credits Director- Carlos Montoya Screenwriters- Vanessa Hesch and Jessica Wachs Executive Producer- Jessica Wachs Producers- Gabriel Hesch and Vanessa Hesch Associate Producers- 9 Point Productions and Rumble Productions Unit Production Manager- Jessica Wachs Director of Photography- Michael Miller Editor- Stacey Clayshulte First Assistant Director- Dennis Price Second Assistant Director- Melyssa Zurasky Second Second Assistant Director- Julian Petersen Choreographer- Michelle Eiland Art Director- Boston Barker Costumes/Hair- Michelle Schwarzer Costumes Provided by Musical Theatre Southwest Props Master- Zakkariah Rashad Key Makeup Artist- Melyssa Zurasky Additional Set Dresser- Zakkariah Rashad Set Designer- Carlos Montoya Location Manager- Jessica Wachs Location Assistants- Susan Cowsill and Anthony Rodriguez Casting- Vanessa Hesch Additional Casting- Julian Petersen Assistant Camera- Allen Edgar Aerial Coordinator- Carlos Montoya Set Photographer- Rachael Urquidez Second Unit Camera Operator- Sean Patrick Script Supervisor- Jessica Wachs Alternate Assistant Director- Marcus Taylor Production Sound Mixer- Edgar Allen Boom Operator- Edgar Allen Slate- Jessica Wachs Alternate Slate- Dennis Price Key Grip/Lighting Technician- David Barker Special Effects- Stacey Clayshulte Paint Supervisor- Boston Barker Location Accountant- Jessica Wachs Craft Services- Yvonne Sanchez, August Sanchez and Vanessa Hesch Production Assistants- Christian Maes and Chanelle Gonzales, Dee Skinner Set Medic- Marvin Gouch Music Original Song Writer- Vanessa Hesch Music Arranger- Jessica Wachs Rap Writer- Elliot Smith Transcriber- Elliot Smith Music Producer/Engineer- Jimmy J. Medina Orchestration- Gregory Sanchez Additional Instruments- Jimmy J. Medina Music Manager- Jessica Wachs Recorded at EVILESQ RECORDS Music Director- Madi Frost Lead Vocalist- Jessica Wachs Soprano 1/Rapper- Virginia Benitez-Jones Soprano 2- Melyssa Zurasky Alto 1- Christine Marie Smith Alto 2- Vanessa Hesch Cast Virginia Benitez-Jones—Girl Nerdtastic Greek Chorus: Melyssa Zurasky, Lauren Dekleva, Kristen Ryan Sivilli Mrs. Andersen- Magdalena Gerhardt Producer- Vernon Poitras Publicist- Tyler Slaughter Featured Background Featured- Gabriel Hesch Featured- Vanessa Hesch Featured—Introducing August Hesch (Auggie) Background- Tristan Kemm Greg Farnell Medeline Kreitzer Steffan Garcia Michelle Belmont Shalyn Zurasky Emily Jardnicek Eric Miller Vince Webster Renato Estacio-Burdick Chetan Saha Daniel McBride Michelle Eiland Marvin Gouch Elizabeth Hott Anna Rusinowski Selena Mattis Santiago Gurule Davis Byrd Aliya Gerhardt Patricia Herrera Tyler Slaughter Haili Mattis Nicole Barela Elizabeth Ponic Brandon Savage Kim S. Monti Shaylin Zurasky Mary Byrd Sean Patrick Boston Barker Zakkariah Rashad Dennis Price Jessica Wachs Featured Dancers- Michelle Eiland Robbie Rodriguez, Alexandria Soto Eric Mazzie Trey Pickett Nicole Barela Elizabeth Ponic Mary Byrd Extra thanks to: Route 66 Diner Glorybound Ministries Center Sidewinders Bar Musical Theatre Southwest Amy Biehl High School Michelle Schwartz’ Sweet Ride New Mexico Film Foundation Casting Coffee Extra special thanks to Brewed Awakenings' Tori, who you should follow on instagram @torimaebe. Check out her blog!
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